Bookmarked: Meeting Agrees To Set Up “Friends of Stank Hall Barn”

This article first appeared on South Leeds Life on 1st March 2013:

Thirty people attended a meeting organised by South Leeds Life last night to hear about the history of Stank Hall Barn and discuss what could be done to preserve it.

Stank Hall Barn 3

As the meeting progressed, led first by Frank Goddard from Beeston Local History Society an then added to in discussion, it became clear the barn and the land around it have great historical significance.

The barn is a beautiful example of medieval wooden craftsmanship. It is one of the oldest secular buildings in Leeds. The only buildings definitely older are Kirkstall Abbey and Adel Parish Church. Stank Hall (the building next to the barn) was built at the same time and the architectural features point to it being built at considerable expense. The ownership of the land it stands on has been traced back to 1600 and at various times it has been owned by most of the key families in the development of Leeds including 14 Mayors and 2 MPs.

“The history of Beeston is the history of Leeds”

Read the full article here.


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