Delays and frustrations

As you all know one of our plans was to set up an allotment, based on a medieval potager style garden so as to be in keeping with the house and barn, not disturb any archaeology that may be there and also make it more portable to move around the site or even leave should the council have a buyer for it etc and would actually make the site more attractive. We’ve not asked to use the buildings or even the barn, and have the full support of EH and local councillors on this.

We had good progress and meetings up to last october, discussed licences/planning etc for being able to use the site, hold open days and had hoped to be cracking on, clearing and planting by now. We’ve been offered wood for raised beds, folks are growing seeds already, access to a heritage seed bank, people who can come and prune our apple trees, use of a tool store and even a garden building team to come and do the legwork as well as other community groups who want to be part of it, so costs for all are down to a minimum, but since November it’s gone all quiet on the council front. We’ve been passed to various depts who are now ‘dealing with it’ etc but time is passing and we need to be in there so it’s very frustrating all round. After all we just want to bring life back to loved and precious local site and feed people.

today sadly we are feeling a little despondant due to receiving this yesterday

Hi …..

Thank you for your email on 21st January 2014 and the inclusion of your proposals for a community grow scheme for Stank Hall.

Officers are currently bringing together all the historical work that has been done to inform the discussions on future uses and the delivery options for Stank Hall. There has been a considerable amount of work undertaken which needs to be properly appraised in order to avoid re-inventing the wheel or stymying future options. Whilst there will be ongoing development work needed for some time yet, it is hoped that we will be in a position to do an initial report back to members at the end of March 2014 on the future direction of the project.

It is in this context that your recent proposals for the site and the licensing aspects will need to be considered. Whilst I appreciate that the timeframe for completing the feasibility work is taking longer than you would like, it is a complex and challenging project and a wide range of solutions need to be considered. However, I recognise the importance of determining a way forward and will ensure that this is discussed with you in due course.



2 thoughts on “Delays and frustrations

  1. You know why they are dragging their heels. It’s because they are worried that once they let you in you will be difficult to shift once the property has been sold. It’s all to do with money as usual. It will cost more to move you from the site than the money they might make by letting you improve the area. Don’t quote me tho, I could be wrong but I doubt it.

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