Oral History Project

As part of our historical research we are setting up an oral history project. some of the stories we have been told over the past year have been fascinating and need documenting. if you are interested in taking part in any way please contact us.

Our base outline is below


During the proceedings of the Open Day at Stank Hall Barn, Old Hall and New Hall in the Summer of 2013 it became clear to the Friends that a great deal of the history of the site remaining in local memory up to the third generation needed to be written down and catalogued.  This was underlined during the running of a stall by the Friends at Beeston Festival in 2013 when more information was relayed to us by interested members of the local communities.

Sadly during the Autumn and Winter of 2013 we have been told that two of the older members of the local community have died and this has underlined the fact that many of the people eager to come forward with their stories on the Stanks site are of the much older generation and that in many ways we are racing time itself to get these memories recorded and archived.


Project Aim:


To undertake an oral history project that will document and share memories of the Stank Hall Barn site/and environs.




To identify local people in the Beeston/Middleton area who have memories to share about the site and its environs. We will use word of mouth and local contacts to identify interviewees. We will also advertise online via South Leeds Life, Facebook etc. and local radio/television/press to identify others that we may not already be aware of. We will provide a flexible draft structure for each interview. Interviews will be carried out in pairs if visiting a person in their own home.


Inter-generational learning:


We are keen to involve local schools with the project where younger pupils might work with older relatives or visit older people’s residential homes. Beeston primary has shown some interest in the project already.




Each interview will be recorded and notes will be made. Copies of photographs where available, will be taken. Portable digital audio recording equipment may be borrowed from South Leeds Community Radio for a small donation.  




The information gathered from the interviews will then be transcribed and catalogued into a working file of information which could be referenced and utilised as a local history and education resource.


The information will be shared online, with local history societies and schools as well as other interested parties. The production of a radio programme or an exhibition (at Leeds City Museum or local library/community centre, for example) will also be investigated.


We will also deposit our information with West Yorkshire Archive Service (WYAS will assess its suitability). It will also be made available to the British Library for possible inclusion in their oral history collection.


We will also supply a copy of the transcript to each of our project participants and ensure that they sign a basic release form to allow the Friends to hold and share the information that they have given.



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