Your Stories

We would love to hear your stories about the Barn & Halls. We’ve come across a number of legends too, so please post them in the comments box below





3 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. hi I was born at New Hall and lived there till I was 23 with my brother mam and dad my mums granddad lived there he died when I was 6 mths old we used to play in the barn swinging on a rope from the beams it was then a farm kept rabbits with my friend Rosalynne who lived at new hall there were 4 familys 3 in new hall and 1 family in the farmhouse I had many happy hours playing and growing up there it is quite upsetting to see it going to rack and ruin

  2. Yes, New Hall had been divided into a “three-plex”. My late father grew up in the front one whose door can be seen in the photographs. He was railed by his Aunt Dora Wilson, nee Lee. When I was a small boy in the late 1940s and early 1950s, we would go and stay there with her for the holidays, and I used to visit her regularly until I emigrated to the USA in 1989. I’d still visit her there when I went back to England for my holidays.

    I remember playing with his younger cousin who was closer to my age, in the former pig sty

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